تجارب حرفه ای

Dr. Ahmad Qanbarpour, at the 80th grade in the National College of Medicine in 1367, entered the Faculty of Law of Shiraz University and completed the Master’s Degree in Criminal Law and Criminology at the same university and completed the PhD in Criminal Law and Criminology at Tehran University has taken. He participated in the entrance exam of the Center of Attorneys at Law in 1998 and obtained a license from the Center for the Advocacy of the Judiciary. During more than 20 years, he obtained legal experience in government agencies and private companies with legal advice from law firms and private law firms. Is. Together with teaching at university centers, he has been working on writing legal texts and writing dozens of articles, and has taken proficiency in high-level English (Toefl) to enhance his abilities.

Considering the scope of legal affairs in the contemporary world and turning to its unpredictable transformation, it is imperative that all individuals with clever and precarious outcomes take their legal approach and provide legal advancement with the help of a lawyer. For the reasons stated above, Dr. Ahmad Ghanbarpour’s Office of Advocacy and Legal Advice, with the benefit of extensive expertise in the field of lawyers and legal advice, and taking into account the use of scientific and practical capabilities and capabilities, and with the cooperation and cooperation with other bodies of the law office, the possibility Guides the legal and criminal records to all of their contacts, and in a different and systematic way, the office capabilities are afforded to their clients.

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