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.Given the twenty years of experience, the focus is on developing increasingly distinct legal services in the national and international arena

Dr Ahmad Ghanbarpour

• PhD in Criminal Law and Criminology, University of Tehran,
• More than 20 years of professional experience in law and legal consultancy,
• Legal advisor to reliable public and private establishments and companies, such as Total Oil Company France, Radio and Television Organization, Golrang Industrial Group, etc.
• University teacher since 2008,
• Prominent in English language (TOEFL), at high level,
• Legal expert in different Tv and radio programs,
• Taking part in numerous national and international seminars and conferences,
• Compiler and translator of tens of essays and texts on law and criminal issues,
• Teacher of training courses in Central Bar Association,
• Teaching record in training workshops,
• Manager of mediation institute,
• Member of the Education Commission of the Central Bar Association,
• Member of Arbitration Commission of Central Bar Association,
• Membership in the Iranian Association of International Criminal Law
• Associate member of the Iranian Criminal Law Association
• Associate member of the Iranian Legal Association
• Member of city of Tehran Council Aid Committee,

Dr. Ghanbarpour’s legal team, while using the best lawyers and university professors, in order to defend their clients and advance their legal affairs, in the review of each case, draws out strategies and fruitful mechanisms; This is done with the help of cohesive and specialized departments such as the Department of Registration and Civil Laws, the Department of Criminal Law, the Department of Contracts and Arbitration, the Department of International Law, the Department of Family Law, the Department of Administrative Justice, the Department of Tax Law, the Department of Receipts Claims and the Department of Commercial Documents are realized.

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Dr. Ahmad Ghanbarpour

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